Intersubjectivity and Values: Phenomenological Perspectives

June 14-15, 2016

Intersubjectivity and Values: Phenomenological Perspectives

EPLAB International Conference


Keynote speakers:

Nicolas Fernando de Warren (Husserl Archives, KU Leuven)

João Constâncio (IFILNOVA, New University of Lisbon)


I&D Building - 4th floor - Sala Multiusos 2

FCSH-UNL| Avenida de Berna 26-C Lisboa

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organized by | Luís de Sousa - Marta Faustino - Ana Falcato- Gianfranco Ferraro

























Conference Program:

14th of June

09:30 Opening

António Marques (Director of IFILNOVA)


10:00-11:00 Chair: Luís de Sousa

Keynote speaker: Nicolas Fernando de Warren (Husserl Archives, KU Leuven), “No cause, No Cause. Trust and the Availability for Forgiveness”


11:30-13:00 Chair: Claudio Rozzoni

Paul Zipfel (Duquesne University), “The inaccessibility of the Other in Husserl’s Phenomenological Analyses into Intersubjectivity”

Luís de Sousa (IFILNOVA, New University of Lisbon), “Phenomenology, Subjectivity and Intersubjectivity in Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception”

Elodie Malbois (University of Fribourg), “Gabriel Marcel: Availability as the Key to Others and to the Self”




14:30-16:30 Chair: Marta Faustino

Grace Whistler (University of York), “Camus and the ‘Ancient Quarrel’: Fiction as Intersubjective Practice”

Ana Falcato (IFILNOVA, New University of Lisbon), “Shame and Self-Image in Sartre and Bernard Williams”

Bartholomew Ryan (IFILNOVA, New University of Lisbon), “The Poet as Phenomenologist: the Art of Seeing with Kierkegaard and Pessoa”

Claudio Rozzoni (IFILNOVA, New University of Lisbon), “The Value of Images and the Intersubjectivity of the Work of Art”


Coffee Break


17:00-18:30 Chair: Ana Falcato

Elodie Boublil (Archives Husserl Paris, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Ecole Normal Superieure), “Who Cares? Phenomenological Perspectives on Vulnerability”

Bruno Rego (Independent Researcher), “Mountains Sign no Natural Contracts: Deep Ecology and the Limits of a Dialogical Horizon with Nature”

Benedict Douglas (Durham University), “The Implications of the Nature of Being for Human Rights Protection”




15th of June

10:00-11:00 Chair: Maria João Mayer Branco

Keynote Speaker: João Constâncio (IFILNOVA, New University of Lisbon), "Struggles for Recognition and Will to Power: An Affinity Between Hegel and Nietzsche? "


11:30-13:00 Chair: Gianfranco Ferraro

Sidra Shahid (University of Anglia), “Hannah Arendt: Description, Normativity and Intersubjectivity”

Gonçalo Marcelo (CECH, University of Coimbra), “Self, Others and Institutions: Between Hermeneutic Phenomenology and Hegelianism”

Christian Skirke (University of Amsterdam), “Valuing Others: A Normative Perspective on Empathy”




14:30-16:30 Chair: Luís de Sousa

Juhan Hellerma (University of Tartu), “Phenomenological Perspectives on History and Other: Absence vs Presence”

Maria João Mayer Branco (IFILNOVA, New University of Lisbon), “Nietzsche's Revaluation of Subjectivity: the Impossibility of Introspection"

Jorge Gonçalves (IFILNOVA, New University of Lisbon), “Intersubjectivity and Psychiatry”

Roberta Guccinelli (Max-Scheler-Gesellschaft), “On the ecological Self: Possibilities and failures of Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of others”


Coffee Break


17:00-19:00 Chair: Gonçalo Marcelo

Meirav Almog (Kibbutzim College), “Selfhood and Style: From Heidegger's Problem of das Man to Merleau-Ponty's Social Authenticity”

Gianfranco Ferraro (IFILNOVA, New University of Lisbon), “Phenomenological Yearning? An Ontology of Immanence between Deleuze and Foucault”

Luís Umbelino (CECH, University of Coimbra), “The Dark Side of the Body. Merleau-Ponty on Intersubjectivity”

Martin Möhlmann (Independent Researcher), “Freedom and Intersubjectivity in Hegel and Merleau-Ponty”

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