Seminários de Epistemologia

April 18, 2012

Fiora Salis
18 de Abril

Fiora Salis (Centro de Filosofia, Universidade de Lisboa), "The Puzzle of Conative Engagement with Fiction"

16h00 à 18h00
Sala 1.06 (Piso 1) - Edifício ID
Av. Berna, 26 - Lisboa

Abstract: Proponents of i-desire claim that when we imaginatively engage with works of fiction we have desires that are difficult to explain according to our traditional understanding of what a desire is. They offer four different reasons to support this claim. First, these mental states violate the normative constraints governing desires. Second, they do not motivate action in the way that desires normally do. Third, if they are really desires then there is no adequate way to understand their contents. Fourth, if they are really desires, then there is no adequate way to understand their satisfaction conditions. I will refer to these four problems as the problem of normative constraints, the problem of inaction, the problem of content and the problem of satisfaction conditions respectively. These problems all relate to each other. Thus, I will refer to them jointly as the puzzle of conative engagement with fiction. In this paper I wish to show that the puzzle is only apparent and because it is based on an overly restrictive notion of desire. Eventually, we will have to recognize that there are no i-desire.

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