Ana Cláudia Santos

Ana Cláudia Santos

Ana Cláudia Santos is a PhD student at the Program of Literary Theory, University of Lisbon (UL), and an associate member of The Institute for Philosophy of Language (IFL) since September 2009. She was granted a doctoral fellowship from the Foundation for Science and Technology. She earned her MA in 2008 from the Program of Literary Theory (UL). In 2006 she earned her BA in Literature from the New University of Lisbon (UNL). In 2003 she was awarded an Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship by the UNL.

She is the author of Poesia e Ciência Nova. Um Estudo sobre Giambattista Vico (Lisboa: Campo da Comunicação, 2009).

She is currently writing her PhD dissertation on Vico, Rousseau and Freud. She is interested in literature and philosophy.