António Marques

Director of IFL from its foundation up to now António Marques is full professor of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and got his PhD and Agregation degrees in philosophy of knowledge and contemporary philosophy at the New University of Lisbon, where he teaches since 1985. He is author of various books Among others he published in Portugal and Brazil (Organismo e Sistema em Kant, Presença , Lisbon, 1987, A Razão Judicativa, IN/ Casa da Moeda, 2004; A Filosofia Perspectivista de Nietzshe, Discurso, São Paulo, 2003; O Interior – Linguagem e Mente em Wittgenstein, Fund. Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, 2003).

He is author of numerous articles and essays, some of them included in volumes published by houses like Walter de Gruyter or OUP. From 1988 to 1991 he got a fellowship from the Alexander v. Humboldt Foundation and in 1995 he was visiting researcher by invitation of Boston University. He has also co-translated some fundamental philosophical works, such as Kant’s Critique of Judgment (Critica da Faculdade do Juízo, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro) and Wittgenstein’s Last Writings on the Philosophy of Psychology (Últimos Escritos Sobre a Filosofia da Psicologia, Gulbenkian, Lisbon).

The main guidelines of his works are central topics in philosophy of knowledge like theory of judgment in the classical and contemporary periods, as well as in practical philosophy. He works currently in a broader project on first person knowledge, self knowledge and imputation in practical (moral) philosophy.

Connected with this program he is developing research on the classical foundations of human and fundamental rights.

António Marques was twice (1995-1998; 2005-2008) president of the scientific board of Faculty of Social and Human Sciences.

Online papers

"Imputation Judgment in Kant's Practical Philosophy". In Kant und die Philosophie in Weltbürgerlicher Absicht. Akten des XI. Internationalen Kant-Kongress, Bacin, Ferrarin, La Rocca et alia (Hrsg.). Berlin, Walter De Gruyter (2013)
"Self-Knowledge, Introspection and Memory"