Diana Soeiro

Institutional email: diana.soeiro@fcsh.unl.pt

Academic email: dianasoeiro.drphil@gmail.com


Diana Soeiro is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Nova Institute of Philosophy (FCSH/ UNL) since 2012.

General research interest: Aesthetics and Ontology. Specific research topics: Philosophy of Space, Space and Body, Architecture and Urbanism, Anthropology and Psychiatry.

Current guiding questions: In what way it is different to ask: ‘what is space’ and ‘how do we live space’? How does architecture influence our space concept? How does one body orients itself in space? How do we build a sense of territory?


Past activities at IFILNOVA:

- MA Optional Course “Landscape and Value: Aspects on Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics”, [lectured in English] at IFILNOVA (2015/ 2016, 2nd semester);

- PhD Research Seminar “Landscape and Value: Frank Lloyd Wright” [lectured in Portuguese] at IFILNOVA (2014/ 2015, 2nd semester);

- Both project coordinator and research team member at IFILNOVA: “Morphology: questions on method and language” , 2010-2012 (Scientific coordinator: Professor Maria Filomena Molder) and “Language and forces: the unconscious of language and the creative process”, 2010-2012 (Scientific coordinator: Professor José Gil).

- Co-organizer of “Seminar Questions on Aesthetics” at IFILNOVA (2009/ 2010; 2010/ 2011; 2011/2012); 

- Open Course on “Tanizaki, Deleuze and Fetishism” (on body and territory) [lectured in Portuguese] at IFILNOVA (2010/ 2011, 2nd semester).


For detailed information on scientific production and past activities please check my personal webpage.