Erich Rast

Erich Rast

Erich Rast, PhD, is working on problems in the Philosophy of Language, Logic, and Formal Epistemology. He has published books and articles on linguistic context-dependence, theories of reference, indexicals, and fictional objects. His current main interest is in sender-receiver models of communication that are based on a reasonable representation of the beliefs of individual discourse participants. This involves dealing with formal problems such as belief revision with iterated and graded beliefs and preference upgrade but also requires a thorough examination of contemporary philosophical stances towards non-indexical context-dependency (Bach, Recanati, Stanley, etc.). He is also interested in monological and dialogical argumentation, linguistic interfaces, formal epistemology, and ‘standard’ topics such as epistemic and semantic two-dimensionalism, phenomenal knowledge and perception, theories of reference, and fictional discourse.

Rast has studied Linguistics and Philosophy in Tübingen and Berlin and obtained his PhD at Roskilde University, Denmark. His work at IFL is funded by the Ciencia 2007 Programme of the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT). He has worked on the project Context and Communication (PTDC/FIL/68643/2006) in the past and is now involved in the project Argumentation, Context, and Communication (PTDC/FIL-FIL 110117/2009). Rast is a member of the Portuguese Society for Analytic Philosophy(SPFA) and the Formal Epistemology Group at UNL.

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