Fabrizio Macagno

Fabrizio Macagno

Fabrizio Macagno is a Post Doctoral at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, where conducts research in the field of argumentation and communication. He is doing research in the field of Argumentation and Philosophy of Language in cooperation with the University of Windsor, Ontario, and the University of Dundee, Scotland.

He has focussed his education and academic experience on the crucial topic of a semantic approach to reasoning. His background and first teaching experiences are in the field of linguistics and informal logic, which he managed to combine during the several research projects he took part in.

His research interests are focused on the relationship between argumentation and semantics, which he tackles from an epistemological, logical and linguistic perspective. His present research project is on the relationship between argumentation and contextual communication, which is aimed at developing an applied and applicable model of argumentative reasoning. His purpose is to investigate an argumentative approach to implicit meaning, including both presumption and presupposition.

Fabrizio Macagno has published on several topics, including definition, argumentation schemes, common knowledge, reasoning from analogy, presumption and burden of proof. His articles have appeared in international peer reviewed journals such as Pragmatic and Cognition, Journal of Pragmatics, Argumentation, Synthese, Ratio Juris, Philosophy & Rhetoric, and Informal Logic. He developed his approach to argumentation schemes in a book, coauthored with Douglas Walton and Chris Reed and published by Cambridge University Press.