Gianfranco Ferraro





Gianfranco Ferraro is FCT postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for the Philosophy of Language (IFILNOVA) at the New University of Lisbon, where he is developping a research project about the ontology of immanence in Nietzsche, Pessoa, and Deleuze: “O Teatro do si: Nietzsche, Pessoa e a escrita como prática inquieta da subjectividade” (“The Theater of Self: Nietzsche, Pessoa, and the writing as disquieted experience of subjectivity”).

He studied in Pisa, Lecce (Italy) and Paris (France). He obtained his PhD degree at University of Salento (Italy) and at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Études (France) by a dissertation about the ascetic disciplines and the life's rules in Nietzsche and Max Weber: “Économie du désenchantement: Max Weber, la rationalisation ascétique du gouvernement et le nihilisme occidental”  (“Economy of disenchantement: Max Weber, the ascetic rationalization of gouvernement and the western nihilism”).

His main areas of research interest concern 20th German philosophy, and particularly Friedrich Nietzsche’s influence, the sources of social sciences, the uses of Michel Foucault's archeological approach to some theoretical and political problems (the Self, the Citizenship, ...), the History of utopian and prophetical models of thought, the History of republicanism, the Ontology of immanence.

He also wrote articles and essays about Aesthetics' and Theory of Literature's subjects.

He is member of the “Centro interuniversitario Colli-Montinari di ricerche su Nietzsche e la cultura europea” (Academic center of research about Nietzsche and european culture “Colli-Montinari”),  where he coordinates the “Seminario Permanente Nietzscheano”.

He is member of the Instituts for Humanities at the Universities of Pisa and Calabria (Italy).

He collaborates with important literary and philosophical rewiews (“Cadernos Nietzsche”; “Il Ponte”, “Oblio”...).

Recently he translated contemporary portugues and french authors into italian (José Gil: "O Imperceptível Devir da Imanência"; Pierre Macherey: "De l'utopie!").

In collaboration with Manuele Masini, he is currently preparring the italian edition of Padre Antonio Vieira's Works, and the italian digital edition of Fernando Pessoa's “Book of Disquiet”.