João Constâncio

Personal CV

He is the author of Arte e niilismo: Nietzsche e o enigma do mundo (Lisboa, tinta-da-china, 2013); he has published many articles on Nietzsche, including ‘On Consciousness: Nietzsche’s Departure from Schopenhauer’, in Nietzsche-Studien 40 (2011); he has co-edited four books on Nietzsche: Nietzsche and the Problem of Subjectivity (Berlin/ Boston, de gruyter, 2015) with Maria João Branco and Bartholomew Ryan; Nietzsche on Instinct and Language (Berlin/ Boston, de gruyter, 2011) and As the Spider Spins: Essays on Nietzsche’s Critique and Use of Language (Berlin/ Boston, de gruyter, 2012) with M. J. Branco; Sujeito, décadence e art: Nietzsche e a modernidade (Lisboa/ Rio de Janeiro, tinta-da-china, 2014) with Scarlett Marton and M. J. Branco; and he is also co-editor, with Marco Brusotti, Herman Siemens, Tom Bailey, Katia Hay and Maria Branco of the three-volume series, Nietzsche’s Engagements with Kant and the Kantian Legacy (London, Bloomsbury, forthcoming in 2016).


João Constâncio is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Nova University of Lisbon (UNL), where he teaches since 1996. He earned his PhD there in 2005 with a dissertation on Plato. At Ifilnova he co-directs the Aesthetics Lab (AELAB), and he also directs the ‘Nietzsche International Lab’ (NIL):