Michael Baumtrog



Recent Work:

(2015). “Investigating the Impact of Moral Relativism and Objectivism on Practical Reasonableness. Argumentation and Reasoned Action.” Proceedings of the 1st European Conference on Argumentation (ECA), 9-12 June 2015. Lisbon, Portugal. London: College Publications.

(2014) “Delineating the Reasonable and Rational for Humans” in, The Eighth Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA) Amsterdam: SicSat.

(Forthcoming) “The Dialogue Model of Argument and Solo Practical Argumentation” in, “Days of Ivo Škarić” – Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Rhetoric.

2013 – “Considering the Role of Values in Practical Reasoning Argumentation Evaluation” in Mohammed, D., & Lewiński, M. (Eds.).Virtues of Argumentation. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation (OSSA), 22-26 May 2013. Windsor, ON: OSSA, pp. 1-16.


Michael Baumtrog is a doctoral student in the Argumentation Laboratory (ArgLab) – a research unit within the Institute for Philosophy (IFIL) at UNL.  Before moving to Lisbon, Michael completed both his Bachelors and Masters degrees at the University of Windsor, in Ontario, Canada.  His PhD thesis focused on improving the evaluative mechanism in a model of practical reasoning and argumentation to include how moral considerations are considered in evaluations of reasonableness. His current research is focused on the role of creativity in reasoning and argumentation as well as the ways in which value reasons differ from and are used differently than factual reasons in practical deliberation. Aside from reasoning, argumentation, and meta-ethics, Michael’s other philosophical interests concern modern conceptions of feminism and articulations of conceptions of personhood, especially how those conceptions can impact groups and/individuals who  might be considered as sub-persons.