Lisbon Wittgenstein Group - 2016-17 News


March 2017: Professor Modesto Gómez-Alonso (Pontifical University of Salamanca and University of Edinburgh) visits the LWG on March 29th and 30th and speaks, within the framework of the Workshop “Nietzsche and Wittgenstein on Values”, co-organized with the Lisbon Nietzsche Group, on “Wittgenstein and the Metaphysics of Suicide”. Nuno Venturinha also speaks at this event on “Knowledge by Self-description”.

March 2017: Nuno Venturinha speaks at the Philosophy Research Seminar of the Åbo Akademi University in Turku on “A Wittgensteinian Epistemology of Religious Belief”.

February 2017: Robert Vinten publishes the article “Was Wittgenstein a Liberal Philosopher?” in the journal Teorema.

February 2017: Pedro Bergheim and Nuno Venturinha speak at the 2017 Winterpraktikum of the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Program “Europhilosophie” held at the University of Wuppertal on “A Telling of the Storyteller and the Listener” and “Epistemology of Autobiographical Writing”, respectively.    

February 2017: Professor Martin Kusch (University of Vienna) visits the LWG on February 15th and speaks, in articulation with the research project “Knowing How to Act: Current Challenges in Moral Epistemology” (PI: Nuno Venturinha), on “Wittgensteinian Certainties and the Epistemology of Peer Disagreement”.  

January 2017: Watch the video of the workshop “Wittgenstein Komplett: sein Nachlass”.

December 2016: Nuno Venturinha speaks at the workshop “Wittgenstein Komplett: sein Nachlass” and at the “Experten-Gespräch: Wittgenstein Editionen digital und analog – Status quo” in Vienna, organized by the Wittgenstein Initiative, on “Evidence-Based Philosophical Methodology” and “A Fragment on Nazism”.

December 2016: Read the report on von Wright and Wittgenstein in Cambridge: von Wright Centenary Symposium, Strathaird, Cambridge, by Ian Ground, Vice-President of the British Wittgenstein Society, published in the BWS Newsletter no. 26.

September 2016: Nuno Venturinha speaks at the von Wright and Wittgenstein in Cambridge: von Wright Centenary Symposium in Strathaird, Cambridge, organized by the von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Helsinki, on “Wittgenstein’s Impact on von Wright’s Varieties of Goodness”.