Sara Eckerson

Sara Eckerson

Sara Eckerson is a PhD student at the Program in Literary Theory, Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon. She is involved in the project “Philosophy and Literature”, affiliated with both the Institute for Philosophy of Language [IFL] and the Program in Literary Theory. She also is a recipient of a PhD grant from the Foundation for Science and Technology [FCT].

Sara received her MA in Literary Theory, University of Lisbon (2009), with a thesis on Aristotle and the philosophy of music, titled “Phantasms in Music”, written under the direction of Prof. Miguel Tamen. She earned her BA from New York University, cum laude, 2006.

She co-organized a seminar in the project “Philosophy and Literature” on the topic of the philosophy of music during the 2010–2011 academic year, has participated in international conferences, and written articles on topics of music and 19th century philosophy. Her academic interests include: Philosophy of Music, Music Theory, Aesthetics of Music, 19th Century Philosophy, and Hermeneutics.