Susana Viegas

Susana Viegas is since May 2014 a FCT Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the project "Rethinking the Moving Image and Time in Gilles Deleuze's Philosophy" (IFILNOVA, FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, and Deakin University, Australia). Her work has been supervised by Professor James Williams, first at the University of Dundee, Scotland (May 2014-December 2015), and currently at Deakin University. She received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2013 with a doctoral thesis on Deleuze's philosophy of film and she was awarded a PhD Fellowship (2007-2011). She was a member of the IFL project "Film & Philosophy: Mapping an encounter" (, and is co-editor/founder of Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image ( and Aniki: Portuguese Journal of the Moving Image ( Her main research interests are Gilles Deleuze, Philosophy of Film, Aesthetics, Contemporary Philosophy, and Portuguese Cinema.
Her last publications include:
Viegas, Susana. 2016. "Toward a Cinematic Pedagogy: Gilles Deleuze and Manoel de Oliveira", The Journal of Aesthetic Education 50.1: 112 - 122. doi: 10.5406/jaesteduc.50.1.0112
Viegas, Susana; Lavos, Sérgio (trad.). 2015. "Ruínas Modernistas, Arqueologias Fílmicas: A Free and Anonymous Monument, de Jane e Louise Wilson." By Giuliana Bruno. Lisboa: Aniki: Revista Portuguesa da Imagem em Movimento 2.1. doi: 10.14591/aniki.v2n1.145