The main objective of this Thematic Line on "Values and the Experience of Rational Decision Making" is to give a comprehensive and, as far as possible, articulated account of the role of Values on Rational Processes of Decision Making (individual or collective) that take place in current Globalized and Market-Driven World.
To consistently pursue this general objective, we assume that three particular goals have to be accomplished. Namely:
1st) To spell out in full the 'net' contribution of Philosophy to this issue - by this we mean both to acknowledge and assess the different philosophical doctrines on Values and the different philosophical theories on practical reasoning (as a support of decision making); to adjudicate between rival philosophical positions; and to elaborate new ones whereas necessary.
2nd) To integrate the 'net' contribution of Philosophy to this issue with what we take currently to be its natural our scientific 'allies' in this enterprise: psychology, communication sciences, political science, sociology and history.
3rd) To address existing contexts, situations, or states of affairs, meaning by these: a certain social practice, a given political situation, a specific international state of affairs. This goal is crucial in order to give the first two goals a concrete anchor and a final locus to test the results of their proposed explanations.