Values: a Global and Individual Issue

The Website on "Values: a Global and Individual Issue" is structured as follows. It will have an argumentative format, considering different rival philosophical positions. Each argued position will have three argumentative moves to make its point. In the first one an initial defence of the position will be made by its proponent (typically a group of researchers). In the second one an attack on the other(s) position(s) in place is made by each participants. In the third and last argumentative move a final defence of one's own position is to be made by the participants. So, the format has a clear resemblance with the Oxford Style Debates; but with the differences that it is not required to have contradictory positions (only rival ones).
Two enrich and foster the quality of these debates three other layers are going to be added: empirical data, interdisciplinary contributions and comments from the floor. Empirical data will serve as basis for the whole discussion and will be available on line. Interdisciplinary contributions will take place between each argumentative move, and may either make clear a specific feature of the issue under debate, and this will be done from the viewpoint of a given discipline (e.g. psychology), or it may even contribute to strengthen one of the positions under discussion. Comments from the floor will take place between each argumentative move, and can be made by everyone who is interested on the debate and may take all forms of intervention (questions, comments, stances, etc.). It is highly desirable that outside participants represent a large range of audience, and not necessarily people with philosophical background.
We intend to do public service here so an English version and a Portuguese one (intend also for Brazil, Angola and Mozambique) will be done.